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We stock metal leaf products and gilding supplies

For over 100 years Wehrung & Billmeier has been manufacturing quality gold leaf and gilding products for artists, sign painters, framers, decorators, and retail outlets. Wehrung & Billmeier is the only remaining American manufacturing business of metal leaf products.

Available in weights from 6K up to 24K, our Genuine Gold Leaf is available in many colors and can be used for multi-purpose gilding. W&B Gold Leaf, we also carry an exhaustive line of other Metal Leaf materials and accessories for the gilders, artists or craftsmen.

Genuine Gold Leaf

Karat Weights
24K- 23.75K- 23.5K- 23K- 22.5K- 22K- 20K- 19K- 18K- 16K -13.25K- 12K- 10K- 9K- 6K

Yellow Gold, Orange Gold ,Platinum, Gold, Red Gold, Florin Gold, Dark Yellow Gold, Champagne Gold, Moon Gold, Light Yellow Gold, Citron Gold, Green Gold, Lemon Gold, Light Green Gold, Caplain Gold ,White Gold, Rosenoble Gold, American Gold

Precious Metal Leaf
Platinum, Palladium ,Silver

Imitation Gold and Non-Precious Metal Leaf
Composition Gold, C.G. Color No. 1.0, C.G. Color No. 2.0, C.G. Color No. 2.5 ,C.G. Color No. 3.0, Imitation Silver / Aluminum, Genuine Copper, Gold Flakes Silver Flakes, Copper Flakes

Variegated Leaf
Red, Blue, Black, Green, Pink, Solid, Black, Asia, Red, *Large variety available upon request

Specialty Products
Gold Foil ,Silver Foil, Kuem Boo Gold, Powder Gold, Powder Silver, Shell Gold ,,Shell Silver

Edible Gold Leaf
Booked Sheets, Crumbs, Flakes, Bulk

Most products available in:
Loose Leaf, Surface Leaf, Patent Leaf ,Transfer Leaf, Roll Gold, Rolled Leaf

Chemicals and Clays

Leaf Adhesive
Slow Size, Fast Size, Quick Dry, 3 Hour, 12 Hour, Oil Based, Water Based

Top Coat
Acrylic Gloss,Acrylic Satin, Aqua Clear

Burnish Sealer Primer
Red Burnish Sealer ,Yellow Burnish Sealer, Gray Burnish Sealer

Burnishing Clay
Red Clay, Yellow Clay, Blue Clay ,Black Clay, White Clay ,Green Clay

Back Up Black, Back Up Silver ,Yellow Tint, Asphaltum

Damar ,Quick Rubbing

Hide Glue, Rabbit Skin Glue, Gelatin Capsules, Gelatin Sheets

Kaolin Powder ,Shadow Kaolin


Gilding Knives
Standard Gilding Knife, Deluxe Gilding Knife

Gilding Pads
Standard Cushion, Deluxe Cushion w/Wind Screen

Gilding Wheels for Roll Gold
Standard Width – for Rolls 0-2” wide Large Width – for Rolls 0-5” wide

Agate Burnish Stones
Multiple Sizes and Shapes Available

Pounce Pads

Instructional Books on Gilding and Gold Leafing


Gilding Tips
Single, Double, Triple, 2”, 3½”, 4”

Gilding Mops
Squirrel Hair Skew Brushes

Size Application Brushes
Oil Size Brushes, Water Size Brushes, Glass Gilding Size Brushes

Excess Gold Leaf Removal Brushes

New Old Stock – Brushes from 50’s, 60’s and 70’s
Quill, Liner, Fitch, Flat, Round

Brush Conditioner

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