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At W&B Gold Leaf, LLC we strive to distribute only the finest quality gold leaf and gilding products available such as Giusto Manetti, DBG Kronengold, Lincoln Artisans, LeFranc Charbonnel, and Wehrung & Billmeier and more!

For hundreds of years, artists and craftsmen alike have added glimmering accents to their projects with the shine and shimmer of gold leaf. Dating all the way back to the days of pharaohs, tombs, and sarcophagi, the Ancient Egyptians are thought to be some of the first people to use gold leaf. Now, hundreds of years later, we are proud to keep the gilding tradition alive.
For over 100 years Wehrung & Billmeier has been manufacturing quality gold leaf and gilding products for artists, sign painters, framers, decorators, and retail outlets. Wehrung & Billmeier is the only remaining American manufacturing supplier of gold leaf, silver leaf, and other metal leaf products.
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Proud supporters of the American manufacturing industry, Wehrung & Billmeier’s American made products include:
  • Gold foil and Silver Foil
  • Genuine Gold Leaf (Karat Weight from 6K to 24K)
  • Specialty Products (Silver & Gold Powder, Edible Gold Leaf, and More)
  • Specialty Gilding Tools & Brushes
  • Precious Metal Leaf (Platinum, Palladium & Silver)

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